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Originally hailing from Minneapolis, MN, Mike Lester is a stand-up comedian and actor who earned recognition as one of Minnesota's City Pages Artists of the Year in 2016. Leading the comedy group Lestaril, he curated a popular online sketch series that highlighted his distinct blend of dark wit and humor. In 2017, Mike made a memorable appearance in two online ads for CHEEZ-ITS, a production by Funny Or Die.


Audiences can catch Mike's stand-up comedy in the sixth season of "Coming to the Stage" on Amazon Prime. Beyond his work in stand-up, he served as the Story and Copy Lead for the animated entertainment startup Superplastic. Additionally, he contributed both as a writer and actor to the debut season of "The Browns Show," featuring Drag Queen superstar Tammie Brown, which aired on the OUT network and APPLE TV.


In a significant milestone, Mike recorded his debut album with Helium Records in December 2021, and fans can anticipate its release in 2022. His multifaceted career showcases a unique comedic style that extends from the stage to various media platforms.

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